CPR AED Training – Are You Prepared?

CPR AED Training In The Workplace

Did you know that according to OSHA “…about 10,000 sudden cardiac arrests occur at work.”  

Each time we hold a CPR AED training, we usually ask if anyone has had to perform CPR.  We usually have one person who will answer yes.  They will go on to tell us about the event, and I am surprised as to how many times CPR has been performed in the work setting.  We have heard about how a medical provider happened to be looking out the window, when they saw someone collapse.  The construction worker who found another work on the roof who had suffered sudden cardiac arrest.  A daycare center teacher told us once while on a field trip, a parent collapsed from sudden cardiac arrest.  In each of the events, CPR was performed by a bystander who was trained in this life-saving skill, and willing to help.


What is Sudden Cardiac Arrest?  According to The American Heart Association, “Sudden cardiac arrest occurs when electrical impulses in the heart become rapid or chaotic, which causes the heart to suddenly stop beating.”  This is different from a heart attack.  A heart attack is when the blood supply to a part of the heart is blocked, and produces chest pain, and causing damage to the heart muscle.  A heart attack could cause cardiac arrest.

Can a person survive Sudden Cardiac Arrest?  Yes they can! Having workers trained in CPR, is just the beginning.  The Chain of Survival represents the most effective approach for treating Sudden Cardiac Arrest.  So what are the links in the Chain of Survival?   

  1. Immediate recognition of cardiac arrest and activation of the emergency medical services (Calling of 9-1-1)
  2. Early CPR with effective chest compressions.
  3. Rapid defibrillation with an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) provides the best chance to return the heart to a normal rhythm.
  4. Effective advanced life support – is the procedures and medication used by paramedics, nurses, or doctors help sustain the chances for recovery.
  5. Post cardiac arrest care can help to increase the likelihood of long-term survival.

CPR AED TrainingWho should be trained in CPR?  EVERYONE!  People working in the medical industry like doctors, nurses, technicians, dentists, those who work in the fire, rescue and police industries are trained, because of the nature of their jobs.  But what about people in the construction industry like carpenters, plumbers, HVAC technicians, excavation and painters.  Should they be trained?  Absolutely!  What about teachers, parents, grandparents, bus drivers, church staff, nursery school teachers (in a church), hotel and resort staff, or  fitness instructors? Without question!  


Why is an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) so important?  A person who is experiencing Sudden Cardiac Arrest, may have a heart rhythm called ventricular fibrillation.  An AED unit, when used properly, will send an electrical shock to the heart, to convert the ventricular fibrillation rhythm to a normal heart rhythm.  A person’s chances of survival will decrease about 10 percent for every minute that passes and defibrillation is not used.   

CPR training along with an AED unit should be a part of every company’s emergency planning.  It is very much worth the investment.Lifeline_sm_72dpi  What is the cost for an AED unit?  The cost can range from $1200 to approximately $3000.  But don’t let the cost scare you, there is financing and leasing plans available. SCS Safety Health & Security Associates sells a variety of manufacturers of AED units.  We can help you choose the right unit for your needs.  

If you or your company are interested in hosting a CPR training class, please give us a call at 703-779-7330.  Depending on your location, we will come to your office.  If there are more than 20 participants, we provide a group discount. 

Looking for a class to attend?  We can help you with that too!  We offer monthly classes.  For more information about our classes, and to register for one of the upcoming classes, please visit our website!  

Be a life saver…..Learn CPR


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Stacy and Douglas Skinner are owners of SCS Safety Health & Security Associates.  SCS Safety Health & Security Associates helps businesses with their profitability through safety; Safety consulting, safety trainings and meetings, jobsite safety inspections, compliance, OSHA 10 & 30 Hour Courses for the Construction Industry, along with CPR/AED, Basic First Aid, and Bloodborne Pathogen certification classes.  

Stacy has been in the safety field for 25 years and enjoys working with businesses to help them reduce worker injuries, lowering Workers Compensation and Fleet Auto Insurance premiums through conducting safety meeting, driver safety meetings, and getting out to the jobsites to check on safety.  She also enjoys teaching CPR/AED and Basic First Aid classes.  

Douglas has been a Paramedic for 30 years, and enjoys teaching CPR/AED, Basic First Aid, Bloodborne Pathogen courses, along with EMS Education courses.  He is also an Adjunct Professor at the college level, teaching paramedicine.  His proudest moments are when his students successfully accomplish the Paramedic Certification.    

Both Stacy and Douglas are very passionate about providing the best quality of training and services for their clients.