If You’ve Never Held A Safety Meeting (Or It’s Been A While)

safety meetingsMonthly Safety Meetings

Especially for our clients and friends who are new to owning a business or do not regularly hold Safety Meetings, I hope this brief overview is helpful.

Monthly Safety Meetings are not only painless they are a huge opportunity.  In fact I wish they were called Opportunity Meetings because that’s what they are.  Here’s what I mean:

It’s an opportunity to communicate with employees on how they can do their jobs safer—and I don’t mean just talk at them while their eyes glaze over. I mean hold an interactive safety meeting that is truly beneficial to all.

It’s an opportunity to learn something new or reinforce something that’s not on their minds as they go about the daily grind and try to meet deadlines. For example, information about protective equipment or changes in safety policies must be communicated to be known.  Safety meetings should also be for company drivers.  Specific topics like avoiding rear-end collisions, merging, intersections, and distracted driving.

Many companies have insurance coverage for their workers (workers compensation) and for the autos.  But did you know that if your employee is injured in an auto collision, it not only affects the auto policy, but it affects the workers compensation policy too.  Many of us have been driving for years, and much has not changed. But safety meetings get us to think about things in a little different light.

Safety meetings are also an opportunity for the employees to voice safety concerns that could be present on the job site.

 SCS Safety Health & Security LLC works with businesses to help keep their employees safe, lower workers compensation and fleet / auto insurance police premiums.  In addition they help to get a company OSHA compliant, by conducting job site safety inspections, developing written safety programs, and conducting safety meetings.  In addition they offer OSHA 10 and 30 hr courses, for the construction industry.  If your employees need CPR/AED, Basic First Aid, and or Bloodborne Pathogen certification, they can handle that too.

To discuss arranging safety meetings for your team, reach out to Stacy via email at [email protected] or by phone at (703) 779-7330.  We are your partner in safety and here to help.