Private Investigators – Currently, Virginia Only

Private Investigators

SCS Safety Health and Security Associates, LLC offers trained, certified and licensed Private Investigators to investigate many types of legal issues in a promptly and professionally manner. Our team is qualified to complete your investigative service requests in the Northern Virginia Area.

We provide investigative service currently in Virginia only for the following services:

private-investigator-4back ground checks, personal injury investigations,
worker compensation issues, injury fraud,
work place investigations, accident investigations,
surveillance for all purposes and domestic and
child custody cases.

Call for pricing, service areas and capabilities.

Fully insured and licensed.            VA License:#11-7667

Why hire a private investigator?  There are may reasons why you may need to hire a private investigator.  Here are just a few reasons:  need to conduct surveillance to determine if your spouse is cheating on you, background check on potential spouse, significant other, potential investments, or business partner.  Maybe you need to locate assets for a potential lawsuit, need to serve a subpoena, summons or complaint.  You may need to hire a private investigator for a potential insurance fraud case, workers compensation injury case, and much more. 

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