Sport Injuries and First Aid – Are Your Coaches Trained?

Many of us have children (or grandchildren) who play sports. Almost every day, we hear about, or find articles of athletes who suffered an injury or a blow to the chest, and suffer Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA).  Are their Coaches or Leagues equipped to handle this emergency? Have they been trained in CPR and First Aid? Do they have an AED available at the field or event?

As many of my friends know, our daughter is an athlete and has been playing on a travel softball team for over 8 years now.  When she started, at the age of 9, I figured I would see some injuries on the field, but didn’t expect several that I have witnessed personally.    Most of the time, I have been the one treating them, because no one else was qualified to help.  Some of the teams barely had a first aid kit available for use.  Sure they might have had ice packs, but that might have been it.

Having coaches, assistant coaches, team parent, or several parents trained to assist with the injured player can be priceless.  The first aid training is not going to make them an EMT or Paramedic, but it will help them to know when to move a player, when to call for EMS, and general assistance with the injured player.


Recently, I have had the pleasure of talking with several parents, and coaches of  youth football leagues.  They have expressed the rise in concussions that are happening on the field, and injuries that require players to be taken to the hospital.  Though they recognize when to call for EMS, they were also concerned about chest injuries and sudden cardiac arrest.  We are seeing more and more leagues purchasing AED units.

We teach CPR/AED and First Aid. The First Aid class can be tailored to different sports so that injuries can be handled appropriately.  We also sell Automated External Defibrillators (AED’s).  AED’s are more affordable than you think!   If you would like your child’s league to learn more and to be prepared in the event of  an injury or SCA, we would love to help make that happen.  We are a one stop shop for all your safety needs.  From first aid kits, AED, and supplies, to training and certification courses.

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